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  The Industrial Revolution was a catalyst in the rapid growth of the auto and heavy machinery industries. As more and more `difficult-to-grind' materials and alloys were being used by these industries, the demand for higher quality, effective, and durable machine tools for cutting, grinding, and machining such materials continued to escalate. As a result, superabrasive diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools were invented to meet the needs of these industries. Today, development and use of these specialized tools has expanded to a variety of industries and new applications are constantly being discovered.

Diamond Centerless Grinding Wheels

Creep Feed Grinding Wheels

Diamond Wheels for Grinding Carbide/Steel Combination

Diamond Wheels for Cemented Carbides Insert

Double Disc Grinding Wheels

Diamond Flaring Cup Wheels

Tip Saw Grinding Wheels

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     The invention of glass is arguably one of the most important and useful discoveries in our history. Glass provides us with aesthetics and the ability to see beyond closed and limited space. Glass is used in every corner of the world for innumerable applications. Life without glass would be unimaginable. The endless applications and shapes of glass products are made possible by the use of special tools. The manufacture of glass for any application is obviously a delicate process and not as easy as one may think. Special metal-bonded diamond wheels were invented to grind and shape various kinds of glass. These tools are designed to effectively and efficiently grind glass for uses such as television braun tubes, auto-glass, architectural glass, lens glass, and etc...  

Diamond Lens Grinding Wheels

Saw Shapening

TV Braun Tube Grinding Wheels

Crystal Grinding Wheels

Edge Wheels

Ferrite Grinding Wheels

Honing Stones

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 The importance of dressing and truing abrasive grinding wheels can never be over-emphasized. Dressing will restore the exposure and cutting ability of the abrasives on the wheel surface. Dressing must be performed after truing or whenever the wheel surface becomes loaded or glazed, or has lost its cutting ability. Dressing removes the unwanted residue, such as braze and steel particles, from the wheel surface. Dressing also removes a certain small portion cutting action. Truing is he procedure for eliminating any unwanted 'run-out' once the wheel has been mounted. Truing is best done wet. 


Impregnated Diamond Dressers

Single-Point Diamond Dressers

Multu-Point Diamond Dressers

Forming Diamond Dressers

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     There is great demand for super abrasive wheels. That have the durability of metal bonds but the the free cutting action of resin bonds. These wheels must be durable with extended life and be self-truing and self-dressing in order to sustain maximum performance over long periods of heavy use. Vitrified-bond technology is today's answer. A vitrified bond is actually a ceramic bond. It is extremely hard, yet free cutting, and combines the better characteristics of both resin and metal bonds. It provides a longer tool life, effective grinding, and high productivity, which provides maximum performance with minimum maintenance.  

Cam Shaft Grinding Wheels

Bearing Internal Grinding Wheels

Compressor Bearing Internal Grinding Wheels

Ball Screw Grooving Grinding Wheels

Automobile Injection Nozzle Grinding Wheels

Constant Velocity Ball Joint Grinding Wheels

PCD & PCBN Insert Grinding Wheels

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 Today's modern industrial society continues to push the development and uses of new, advanced materials and high precision machining to new heights. Along with the improvements in production processes and difficulties that arise from machining new and advanced materials, there is an increasing demand for new forms of cutting tools that go beyond the performance of conventional tools made of high speed steel, tungsten carbides, cermets, and ceramics. Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) and Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (PCBN) are a synthetic super abrasive product, that are produced by sintering together selected diamond or CBN particles with a metal matrix using very sophisticated high temperature and high pressure technology. PCD, PCBN are by their nature, high in hardness, and more abrasive and shock resistant in all directions as compared to natural diamond. These wear resistant materials are combine of into a cutting tool. That provides outstanding life and excellent quality of cut.



Piston Grooving Tools


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Electroplated diamond or cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools are made of a single layer or multi-layers (depending on application) of either diamond or CBN particle that are attached to the tool surface using a nickel matrix. This process allows for the easy manufacture of tools with different and comp1ex forms and contours. Electroplate super abrasive tools have high exposure and concentration of diamond/CBN particles, which make faster cutting than diamond/CBN tools made by other processes. This provides high efficiency grinding on steels, FRP, ceramics, and composite materials.


Electroplated I.D Wheels

Electroplated Cutters

Electroplated Files

Ferrite Grinding Wheels

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Rotary Dressers are engineered to quickly and accurately dress specific forms into aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grinding wheels for extremely high precision grinding.

Rotary Dresser for grinding Rotary Dresser for ball joint grinding
Rotary Dresser for engine blade grinding Rotary Dresser for D.O.J grinding
Rotary Dresser for injection valve grinding

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Over the past twenty years, the electrical, electronic, and semi-conductor industries of the world experienced significant growth and will continue to reach greater heights at even greater speeds. These industries require ultra high precision and fine mirror-like finishes to manufacture their products. EHWA has focused it's resources and technology on these applications and provides a full range of quality, high value products to meet customer needs.


Diamond Dicing Blade

Silicon Wafer Edge Grinding Wheels

Micro Blades

Silicon Wafer Back Grinding Wheels

Silicon Wafer
CMP Pad Conditioners

Diamond Precision Blades

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Laser Welded Blade

Turbo / Spiral Blade

Continuous Rim Blade

Sintered Segmented Blade

Tuck Point Blade

Crack Chaser Blade

Concave Blade


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